1967 ICI Apprentices

Tony Banks asked if anyone had a picture of 1967 ICI apprentices. Not sure if he is in this photograph, but this is one of the intake. I am third right at the back (app Turner), Ray Kemp centre back (app Tiffy), Mike Thompson third right middle (app Fitter), Rick Jeal second right front (app Electrician). Those I’ve named were made redundant when we came out of our time in 1971 apart from Ray who was a Tiffy. I managed to get back in ICI in 1975 where I worked till 2014 albeit under different name changes and sites, that is EVC at Runcorn then Ineos. I did 20 years in the Machine shop environment and 24 years or so on the Plants around Runcorn under many guises. It gave me a fantastic life with many many great opportunities. I wouldn’t have swapped it for the world. The lads I’ve mentioned, I’m still best of mates with, but often wonder what happened to the rest I was messenger boy with and apprentices.

Photograph and details courtesy of Dave Murray.

9 thoughts on “1967 ICI Apprentices

  1. I’m sure the guy who actually trained us as Turners in the apprentice school was a Mr Cummins?, can anyone confirm this. I was an apprentice with 3 other lads i.e David (Boona) Brown, John Smith and another lad Paul?. We all stayed in the school for a year before moving into the actual Machine Shop.


  2. To Tony Banks – your reply was attached to the other 1967? Photo, but you are correct about the training ICI gave us all and yes it is John Fletcher who again was a very good trainer. A little story how generous he was, again you are correct about the Outward bound camp (but I didn’t participate) but I seized my Norton motorbike near Darlington and had to abandon it at a complete strangers house. The next day when he heard of my predicament, he took me in the Landrover with a trailer and managed to bring it back home to Stockton. A very nice and helpful gesture. Some 51 years ago, doesn’t time fly. Let’s hope so, someone else may have another photo of this year, as I did know others but must have been on another group photo?.


    • Hi Dave, Yes John Fletcher was good at what he did, I seem to remember he did rock climbing with a Paul Hendry.


      • Hi Tony,
        Paul Hendry ! There’s a name from the past, he was a Turner who looked after us in training. He must have been in the Naval reserves or something ?, as I seem to recollect seeing a wedding photo of him dressed in uniform. Unless my mind is playing tricks?.


  3. This picture is very nostalgic, and the narrative has raised a question. My mother signed my apprenticeship indenture documents in 1943 as my father was serving in the British Armed Forces. Memory fades, but I can still recall several names of my peers: Harry Glover, Owen Barton, Fred Gibson… Does anyone recall Mr. Downs who conducted drafting courses for apprentices in his office? Mr. Kirk who oversaw the Machine Shop operation – I recall his dressing down when as a sixteen-year-old I used a file without a handle and gave myself a slight puncture wound. That interview cast fear in my heart but set safety-consciousness firmly in my mind.


    • Ronald, I don’t know of the people you’ve mentioned but here are a few names I can remember, I think? as it was a long long time ago. When started as a messenger boy 1966 the two people we all reported to for basic induction and site visits were Mr Wilson (who I remember from sea cadet scouts), I think a Mr Trenholme? Could be wrong there. Then in 1967 in the Training school, senior Instructor = Mr Hill?, but we all called him Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout because of his spectacular mustache, John Fletcher (who is in the photo), Bernie McNeill, Al Hart, Jack Youdale and Mr Cummins. Please excuse any spelling mistakes. They were all very good instructors and treated you as adults not kids. Can anyone else remember any I have missed?.


  4. Is that my old school mate Paul Boland far right middle row? If it is you ‘Bo’ and you read this or if anyone is in contact with him, I would love to get in touch. My email address will be available from Picture Stockton.
    Brian Parker


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