Angling Ticket c1906








An Angling Ticket for 1906 which was issued by the Duncombe Park Estate Office, Helmsley, North Yorkshire to a Mr. J. Bowron of Yarm Lane, Stockton. The ticket, on card, is signed on behalf of the Duncombe Park Estate by a John J. Bowman and says that it is valid until 14th May. Printed on each side, ‘Fishing on Sundays Strictly Prohibited’.

Images and details courtesy of David Dobbyn.

3 thoughts on “Angling Ticket c1906

  1. There was a John Bowron who was a Stone and Marble Mason and Builder c1890 on Yarm Lane. I think near Denshams corner.


  2. The 1911 England & Wales Census shows a John Bowron living at 46 Yarm Lane, Stockton-on-Tees. If the same person then he was born about 1885, the son of George Bowron and Ruth Sherwood who were married in 1876. John Bowron died aged 52 on 21 May 1937 at Barton House Nursing Home on Yarm Road.


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