ICI Documents

These papers were found by Norman Kidd among his deceased fathers belongings.

The first is a letter from Mr A.T.S. Zeally, the Chairman of ICI at that time, celebrating 25 years production of Ammoia at ICI Billingham. The second are rare papers from 1942 stating what ICI did during the war. The photograph is of the Synthetic & Ammonia Nitrates Ltd Supply Departments Outing to Ullswater on June 24th 1928.

2 thoughts on “ICI Documents

  1. I knew the Zeallys very well. They had a huge house on Norton Green and let me and my sister Ann play and explore their wonderful home. Mrs. Zeally even let us build a playhouse in the cellar. She gave us notebooks to write down our thoughts when we immigrated to Canada. They were very posh but nice people.


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