1 thought on “VJ Day Celebrations, Hartburn c1945

  1. Thornaby Life, Yes there was a lot of poverty around in those days, money was so very tight not only in Thornaby I might add. I lived in Grantham Road Norton my Dad worked hard all his life, you were lucky if you had a bike let alone a car. Mum sold her piano to buy our first Ford eight 1939 XG 5294 second hand from my Uncle Alf Kidd who had his garage on Thornaby Road. Many of you may have had your accumulators charged there for your radio’s or bought batteries for their many uses. Well done Barnard Street people good to know of your progress in life.
    People forget the wealth of this country was amassed on the North East Industry and not everyone was lucky to have a job.
    When the war started in 1939 it affected everybody in some way, the Ministry of Labour introduced Direction of Labour and Uncle Alf had to work for his brother Fred of Fred Kidd and son Engineers and Brass Founders in Stockton. Alf had the Morris dealership in Thornaby and about five different petrol pumps on the forecourt. His Wife was called Annie and they had three children, Brian, Irene and David they all went to school in Thornaby. After the war Alf started a private hire taxi service and moved the business to Yarm.
    J.Norman Kidd


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