Heritage Open Day at Thornaby Town Hall, 2018

Having attended the recent heritage open day at Thornaby Town Hall, I though I would share some photos showing progress on the restoration.

After comparing with the Gazette images from 2017 you can see that excellent progress is being made, especially to repair the plasterwork ceiling of the main council chamber, great workmanship takes time. The shape of the plot and the central spiral staircase results in a very quirky layout inside. Thanks go to all the volunteers involved in the open day.

Photographs and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

1 thought on “Heritage Open Day at Thornaby Town Hall, 2018

  1. After hearing of so many great buildings lost for good in the Teesside area, it brings a glow to that hear to hear of one being saved. Great News. I worked at Head Wrightson in Thornaby in the late 1950s and remember the Town Hall very well. I would love to return to Teesside and see it when it is finished.


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