3 thoughts on “George Chetwynd MP, Norton c1950s

  1. I remember as a toddler (3 years) during the Chetwynd hustings my brother (8 years older than me) joined up with a gang of lads and we all walked round the streets surrounding Camden Street singing, “Vote, vote, vote for Mr Chetwynd, here comes lousy at the door, we’ll buy a penny gun and we’ll shoot him up the bum and he’ll not come voting any more”.

    I also remember the same day being given by one of the gang some objects he told me was money and that I should go into a shop and buy something. It wouldn’t have been sweets as sugar was still rationed. Needless to say, the shop keeper who was very kind to me advised me the objects were steel washers having no monitory value.

    Such memories.


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