Class 5b, Richard Hind Senior School c1964

Can anyone help fill in the missing names. I have guessed a few but would love to fill in the gaps. I remember that punishment was rife for any minor offence and each teacher had his own method. The PE teacher would make the last three getting changed bend over and get a plimsoll across the bum, the English teacher would do the same for his spelling tests and if you misbehaved in woodwork class you would get a large squirt of water on the front of your trousers, all good fun.
Back row: Norman Stephenson, ? Baron, Simpson ?, ??, ??, Jeff Gillson, Archer ?
Next row: Graham Shutt, ??, ??, Strachan ?, Brian Lambert, John Covell, ??, ??
Next row: ??, ??, Dave Farrington, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Glen Charlton, ??, Ian Pirie, ??
Bottom row: Archer, Malcom Amos, ??, ??, Pop Carlin, ??, ??, Perry ?, ??

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Pirie.

13 thoughts on “Class 5b, Richard Hind Senior School c1964

  1. Hello Ian, I remember meeting you a few years back at Hutton-le-Hole (You had a VFR750 I think). Anyway, I remember this photo well and I’ve got a pretty good memory I think – so here goes:-

    Top row – Norman Stephenson, me, Colin Simpson, John Pritchard, Paul Twizell, Jeff Gillson, Ray Archer.
    Next row – Graeme Shutt, Roger Belt, David Cowley, John Strachan, ? Lambert, John Covell, Don Robinson, ? Jewett.
    Next row – ? Barber, John Dodsworth, ??, Trevor Hepburn, Noel Huitson, David Rayner, Robert Morgan Jewell, Stephen Jenkins, Glen Charlton, Norman Ritchie, Alan Dodgson.
    Front Row – Ron Archer, Fred Branson, Graeme Pickup, Geoffrey Stewart, Pop Carlin, Michael Miller, Russell Storey, Brian Perry, Keith Winter.


  2. Top row Norman Stephenson, Alan Coath, ? Simpson, John Pritchard, Paul Twizzle, Jeff Gillson, Ray Archer,
    Next Row John Strachan, ? Barker (right of John Covell)
    Bottom row Ron Archer (me), Freddy Branson, Graham Pickup (I worked with him at British Steel), Noel Huitson(?), Pop Carlin, end of row Perry, Ian Winter.

    Ron Archer


    • I think the one you think is Noel Huitson is Geoffrey Stewart who was also a very good footballer who played inside forward.


  3. I don’t remember Pop Carlin, the senior English teacher, being quick to use corporal punishment, unlike at least one of the PE teachers I can remember.
    Carlin seemed quite old to me when I was at Richard Hind in from 1953-59. He was another of the teachers of that generation who had seen something of the world before getting into teaching. He had lost his foot in the fighting in the Western Desert, I believe, which would suggest that he was around twenty at that time.


  4. I was in one class higher, I remember the punishment detail very well although I don’t remember the Woodwork teacher being so tame. He had several different diameters of doweling in his store and each one had a name…. need I say more. The PE teacher used give the slipper to last 3 getting changed always the fat lads! The RI teacher would hit you on the head with his knuckles I remember being punished for looking at the wrong map of Israel! The French teacher would would hit you on the knuckles with the edge of a 12″ ruler. The Chemistry teacher would hit me just for for being the brother of a boy he used to teach at Grangefield Grammar. I could go on…


    • Oh man, that is SO true. I incurred the wrath of the teaching staff on a regular basis and to this day I don’t no why!! My Dad reckoned it was because Jones was an easy name for them to remember. It made us the Men we are today…..oh really??


  5. I can’t provide any names but assume that Graham Shutt was the brother of Valerie Shutt, who was in the same class as me at Preston on Tees Infants & Juniors 1952 – 54. I didn’t see her again after we moved to Billingham in May 1954 but can still remember what she looked like. She would have been 16/17 in 1964, so a bit older than Graham. They lived in the road beside Preston Park – Preston Lane?
    My two stepbrothers went to Richard Hind about this time – Philip and Anthony Jones.


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