Reed Ward, Stockton & Thornaby Hospital c1949

Peter Weston’s birthday party in Reed Ward, Stockton & Thornaby Hospital c1949.

L-R: Sister Morton, Nurses Colclough, Burrell, Haig and Reed. This photograph certainly shows a different level of staffing from that we experience now; interestingly my mum (Ida Wilson nee Colclough – State Registered Nurse at Stockton & Thornaby Hospital) had a cutting from the Hartlepool Mail of Peter’s wedding, many years later so happily he recovered.

Photograph and details courtesy of Christine Wilson

2 thoughts on “Reed Ward, Stockton & Thornaby Hospital c1949

  1. Was the hospital on on Bowesfield Lane.? I lived on Woodland Street and if this was the case patients waved to me from a balcony at the back of the hospital when I was about 6 roughly 1965/66


  2. Is that Peter Weston who was involved in a very serious accident with a bus on Thornaby Road? I lived 3 doors from him in Stafford Square.


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