4 thoughts on “The brickworks at Picton Junction, Thornaby

  1. The brickworks does not appear on the c.1900 map but is there on the 1937-1961 survey. It is not shown as rail connected, the goods yard being south west of the level crossing and another long siding adjacent to the ‘up’ Northallerton line, that is on the south east of that line.


  2. There used to be sidings at Picton Junction, if I’m not mistaken. I think these were to service the Picton Junction to Battersby line. Would the bricks from these kilns, also have gone by rail? Were they in the junction of the two lines, or only adjacent to the main Eaglescliffe to Northallerton line?. It’s very difficult now to find any trace of this junction, or associated earthworks.


  3. The Picton Junction brickworks are closer to Kirklevington and a few miles south of Thornaby and stand alongside the Eaglescliffe to Northallerton railway line near to the Station Hotel.
    By the quality of the photographs and the type of car these must date from the 1960’s or 1970’s as the trees are much larger now and make it almost impossible to walk on the tops of the five kilns.


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