7 thoughts on “Co-op Branch No. 9, Stockton

  1. I remember it from early 60s. Didn’t it burn down? Strange how memory retains old numbers, as a kid I remember quoting our Co-op divi number 49574.


  2. I think Nelson Terrace ran from Dovecot Street to Wellington Street as a continuation of Prince Regent Street.
    Back to the Co-op, did it become the lighting shop?


  3. The photo Shows the North Eastern Hotel on the left and Maxwell’s on the right.
    This site is now… a car park of course 🙂 shame as it was a distinctive shape and style as well as being quite tall.
    Anyone know what it was before being a Co-op, can’t make anything out on this 1920’s image:



  4. Yes, I can. As you passed The Globe cinema and turned left into Bishopton Lane, this large towering building was the Co-op. The little side street where the car is took you through to Nelson Terrace, I think, not sure. To date this image, I lived in Stockton from 1947 until 1963 if that helps. Is the building still there?


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