2 thoughts on “Charter Day, 1975

  1. Attending the National School in George Street, Thornaby, situated virtually next door to Thornaby Police Station, I passed it often. It was rumoured that it had bedrooms upstairs and a canteen for out of town Policemen to lodge in, there was not much to do for them in Thornaby so some used to get the number 11 bus to Albert Park, Middlesbrough, before going in the park some used to go inside the Dorman Museum on the corner outside. Inside the Museum they could see the huge Butterfly collection they had and the birds eggs collection. Most of the butterflies appeared to me to be big moths that were kept in a wood drawer under a long counter. There was the Cannon Street Moth who flew around in two’s for protection, The Transporter Bridge Eagle Head Moth, a number of Stockton Town Hall Imperial Butterfly’s, and a dozen or so Vampire Moths, including one that had attacked a woman in the Empire Theatre, and been caught using a cardboard ice cream cup as a net. I liked best the Green Buses Moth, the Red United Buses Moth, and the Black Locomotion railway moths, you could see them for real flying under Marton Road railway bridge, Middlesbrough, on sunny Days, or clinging to Winterschladens Wine Shop cellar Walls and ceilings if you asked the staff politely “Could you go downstairs to see them.” Then there was that big moggie stood near the door when you went inside the Museum, that was everyone’s favourite including me. If it had been alive I’d loved to have put it on a lead and walked it around Albert Park, I think it was too big to go on the swings, but a rowing boat trip on the lake would have been okay for it, then I could have taken it home to show me mother.


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