Family Umpleby

A picture of my great grandfather Harry Umpleby and his brother Tom Archer Umpleby. Harry’s the one with cap on and Tom is next to him with his arms folded. I believe this picture was taken in the brick yard or clay works.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jacqueline Lewis.

26 thoughts on “Family Umpleby

  1. My family Umpleby lines are George Charles Umpleby William Bruce Umpleby Tom Archer Umpleby , Henry Herbert Umpleby (direct Line ) John Umpleby and sister Hannah Mary Elizabeth Umpleby children off
    George William Umpleby born Aldborough, Yorkshire, England and Hannah Bruce they
    owned three farms in the area Stockton area
    Primrose hill , California Farm , and another but not sure off the name


    • Hi Pauline, I seen a post that you knew of a Harold Riseborough who is in this photo? Do you know anything about my granddad who died with him in the kiln at the steelworks?
      Thanks in advance


    • My grandfather was called Oswald Umpleby and lived in Norton. He died in about 1976 ish. Wonder if we are from the same line of Umpleby’s?


      • Hi Kate I was at school with a Brian Umpleby at the Arthur Head school in Thornaby I was at the school from 1958 to 1962 and Brian was two or three years older than me if that’s any use to you. Best wishes Stuart Highfield x


    • During the period 1946-1951 a boy called Umpleby was enrolled at the National School, George Street, Thornaby. This name was considered to be rather unusual and his nickname was ‘Hump’ derived from Humpleby.

      *Umpleby Name Meaning: English (origin Yorkshire): habitational name from Anlaby in Humberside, recorded 1234 as Anlaweby but in Domesday Book as Umloueby. Similar surnames: Appleby, Maltby, Milby, Utley, Emley, Smeby, Copley, Moseby, Lumley. The Umpleby family name is found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Umpleby families were found in Yorkshire. In 1891 there were 441 Umpleby families living in Yorkshire. The surname Umpleby was first found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor. Umpleby is a Saxon surname.


  2. The name rings a bell with me. I used to work for the Co-op as a lorry driver and I believe there was a George Umpleby also working there.


  3. I was at school with a lad a couple of years above me called Brian Umpleby I was in the athletics and swimming teams with him at the Arthur Head secondary school in Thornaby I was there from September 1958 to July 1962 good days


  4. Did any of the family move to Kirby Moorside, I knew an apprentice called Paul Umpleby who worked at the brick works there back in the late seventies, the surname has always stuck with me.


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