Mill Lane School Football Team c1968/69

Here are the names that I remember.. Back row: Craigs, King, Mr Barker, Hodgson, Akram, Plant (me), Mr Powell, Wild.
Front row:  Kirkby, Cockin, Kirkby, Cleary, Dunning.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jimmy Plant.

13 thoughts on “Mill Lane School Football Team c1968/69

      • Remember Ron very well.. I was in the same year at Stockton Grammar. The first year played in two teams to see who might play in the school team. I was A full back v Ron… he utterly destroyed me, scoring three goals before the PE teacher took mercy on us and swopped Ron onto our team. Big, strong, fast


    • Family relationship

      Ronald Cockin 1954-2019 (paternal 1st cousin of wife)
      Ronald Cockin 1923-2003 (Father of Ronald Cockin)
      Robert Cockin 1894-1963 (Father of Ronald Cockin)
      Thomas Collins 1927-2012 (Son of Robert Cockin)
      Sandra Collins 1956- (Daughter of Thomas Collins)
      Michael Hymer (Husband of Sandra Collins)

      I am tracing my family heritage (& Sandra) on Ancestry UK, WikiTree and as a member of the Cleveland Family History Society.


  1. I met four of these lads (David Cockin, Jimmy Plant, Steven Dunning, and Leon Kirby) a few months after this pic was taken when we all started Hardwick Secondary Modern School in the September of 1969. I’m still very good friends with David and we meet up a few times a year as he now lives outside the area. His brother Ron signed for Coventry after being released by Leeds in the early 70’s.


  2. I remember a Ronald Cockin from my years at Stockton Grammar 1966 on, went into professional football, but can’t remember who with. Must be related to Cockin in this photo.


  3. The strip had obviously changed from black and red quarters, when I played for the team, to black and red stripes. Great establishment, great teachers, great community and I loved Mill Lane Boys’ School.


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