Light and Shadows: The End of the Great War

Join us for a commemorative event marking 100 years since the end of The Great War. Local historian Martin Peagam will talk about Stockton in 1918 as four years of conflict came to an end and reflect on the impact the war had on the town.

Friday 9 November, 3.30pm at Stockton Central Library (Jim Cooke Conference Suite). Tickets £2 per person. Book a place on 01642 528079 /

1 thought on “Light and Shadows: The End of the Great War

  1. The Great War 1914-1918:

    If I could have attended this lecture, I would have liked to ask the Speaker, a question that at least 75 million citizens of the British Isles would like to have answers about. This question concerns the Great War, and asks: What on Earth Was It All About.? Why and for what purpose was it fought.

    We watched a TV war history program on TV recently, it showed a clip of 780 British men climbing out of a trench when the Officers whistle blew, they advanced slowly towards the enemy lines, and not one of them came back. They were all killed. Most of this program dealt with boys of 14 upwards joining the Army by giving the recruiting officer false details about their true age. This poses another question and that is: Was it not the duty of the Government, and the Army and Recruiters, to ask all volunteers for a Birth Certificate to be provided by them as proof of their age?

    The reason for asking is: Britain lost 744, 000 men, Australia 61.000, Canada 56 000, New Zealand 18, 100, South Africa 17, 000. Total losses; 896, 000 killed in action, men wounded and injured approximately 2 million.


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