Haverton Hill From On High c1950s

This shot was taken somewhere in ICI from a lofty vantage point. The road running from left to right is Belasis Avenue. There appears to be a couple of cars parked in one of the streets and very little else, I think this dates it to the mid 1950s…

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “Haverton Hill From On High c1950s

  1. The East Grid, was a railway goods yard, for exchange between ICI rail goods, and British Rail. Situated East of the former power station, and adjacent to the large cooling towers, belonging to LP Ammonia/2 Methonal (now gone) the cooling towers are still there, and the rail grid, but unused. The grid, I assume has been retained for the use of the energy from waste, power station, which has a rail connection, I think.


  2. ICI’s power station, was in that vacinity. It’s two tall chimneys, would have given a good view, although it would have required a steeplejack, to take the photographs. The boiler plant was nearby, but not high enough to account for the panoramic view. The Anhydrite mine was also nearby. The railway line bending around from the Port Clarence branch, gave access to the Billingham Beck branch, and North Tees power station, although I think there was a one direction rule covering that line. The East grid concentration yard was situated below whoever was taking the photograph. Other than that, I can’t think where the photographer was situated.


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