Johnny Longstaff of Thorpe Street, Stockton c1934

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Here is a photograph of my father John Edward Longstaff from Thorpe Street, Stockton at the age of 15. It was taken two weeks before he joined the 1934 hunger march to London.

Photograph and details courtesy of Duncan Longstaff.

3 thoughts on “Johnny Longstaff of Thorpe Street, Stockton c1934

  1. My mother used to talk about your Dad
    She lived in Ann Street. I remember my nana talking about him too. Their name was Cox, quite a well known family in the area


  2. I went to see The Young’uns in Toronto in October, they did a terrific show and sang some of their Johnny Longstaff songs. They are definitely worth going to see.


  3. I went to see the “Young ‘uns” show about your father’s life at the ARC earlier this year – he was a remarkable man but very humble it appeared. I would recommend going to see it at Middlesbrough Town Hall on 8 Feb 2019 “The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff”


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