7 thoughts on “ICI Panto Trip

  1. What memories these photos bring back, my brothers, sister and I attended the ICI pantos in the fifties and sixties at both the Globe and Hippodrome, ice creams during the interval, our dad was one of the Committee members who gave out the treats.
    There was also an annual visit to the seaside for ICI workers children, sometimes by train or by a fleet of Stockton Corporation Buses, happy days.


  2. I went to a couple of pantos in the late 60s when we were given a selection box as well when we went in it was when my dad worked for ICI


  3. I don’t recognise anyone but from the clothes I’d say early 50s. I don’t remember ICI panto outings, just the day trip each summer.


    • I remember in the 1950s we alternated between a panto at the Stockton Hippodrome one year and a Christmas party in the Corporation Hall in Durham Street in Middlesbrough the following year, I never went on a day trip, maybe there were various different activities to fit in all of the kids, there must have been many hundreds of us and we couldn’t all be fitted into a panto or day trip.

      I enjoyed both panto and party, the latter consisted of as much food as we could eat, quite rare in the 50s, and silent Laurel and Hardy films plus the games we all played at such events, pass the parcel, musical chairs etc.

      Simple but memorable pleasures.


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