Second Stockton Race Course

This is in response to a query about a racecourse near to Holme House, the poster advertises Stockton Races at Tibbersley in Billingham, there is a Tibbersley Avenue close to the ICI West gate and not too far from Billingham Beck so there is a possibility that the racecourse was situated somewhere near to this area, my old maps don’t show the extent of Tibberley Farm but it may have reached to where Fleet Road (A19) ran, between Billingham Bottoms and where Newport Bridge was later built, or even as far as Lustrum Beck, I believe this is as close to Holme House as Stockton Racecourse got.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

2 thoughts on “Second Stockton Race Course

  1. The By-Products instrument workshop was in a building known as Tibbersley Farm. I don’t know whether this was the original farmhouse.
    Terry Robinson


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