Swainby Road, Stockton

This photograph shows the bulldozers at work during the final phase of the demolition of homes on the Swainby Road Estate, Stockton-on-Tees. This programme commenced in year 2014, as part of a Stockton Council housing old-for-new regeneration housing project. The £10m project was expected to take five years to complete, and was undertaken after residents were invited to a consultation event to find out what was planned for the area, along with details of the new family homes planned for this once highly popular, but now rundown estate. New residents were expected to move in, on a phased intake tenants scheme commencing in Autumn 2014.

Details courtesy of Bob Wilson, photograph courtesy of Neil Hodkinson (Evening Gazette).

2 thoughts on “Swainby Road, Stockton

  1. My brothers, sister and I sent many happy hours in Danby Road at our grandparents home in number six, they were Tom and Daisy Bowes. They moved into Danby Road in 1926 when my mother Dolly was a seven year old and the houses were brand new. Nice to see you on the site Derek.


  2. I grew up in Swainby Road, my dad Robert (Bob) Casey went to war from this road as a merchant navy man, my mother Norah Tippey also lived in same road, number 80.
    A great road to grow up in, some of the most wonderful people lived in both Danby & Swainby, never a dull moment, all kids mixed, can’t remember a single bully. I have a bank full of great memories & laughter and can still to this day chuckle like hell, Alfie Littlefair, Andy & Ernie Littlefair, Cobby Carberry, Denis Wilson, impossible to be with these lads and not go home eyes red roar with crying laughing. God bless them all.
    All the best.


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