8 thoughts on “Brunswick Street Guides, Stockton

  1. This photo is November 1967. I also keep in touch with Marion and am sitting next to her on the stairs.
    It was in the Evening Gazette and the article says-Ann Johnson, Lyn Morgan and Gillian Chesser, pictured left to right, back row, became Queen’s Guides. Three others… Marion Smith and Pat Lyon, pictured in front row, and Christine Duckworth won the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Pat looks forward to receiving hers from the Duke at Buckingham Palace later this month.
    Bronze Awards were received by Linda Elliott and Christine Brown, shown in the middle row , and by Linda Brown and Sheila Rudd.
    The presentation was at Stockton Boys’ Grammar School.


    • Thanks that’s a huge help. So you still keep in touch with Marion? How amazing. She and I have always been great friends since school.


      • Yes we write or e mail occasionally even though we are many miles apart now. I was at Grangefield but we spent time together as Land Rangers and doing the D of E award. I was one of the bridesmaids for Marion and David.


    • I was in the 11th Stockton Brunswick scouts and think the photo is from the mid sixties.
      We used the same premises as the guides the Sunday school rooms at the back of Brunswick church. I think there was also a scout and guide youth club.
      I recognise Marion Smith and other faces. The young lady with the spectacles is possibly Linda Elliott she is the only name I can think of.


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