The last one standing!

A view of the last remaining pillar of Thorpe Thewles Railway Viaduct (built 1877), after its demolition, and a mechanical excavator sorting out the rubble. The photos also show the demolition team and Laura Grainger (standing on Wynyard Road) who set it off. One pillar remained standing after the demolition on June 3rd, 1979.

6 thoughts on “The last one standing!

  1. Some years ago I was browsing some historical construction railway documentation and noticed the number of complaints received from land owners close to where viaducts etc. were to be built. The complaints ranged from worries about noise to pollution and loss of scenery.
    Now when a viaduct or railway structure is to be demolished the cry goes up that it should be saved as part of the landscape. How tastes change.
    The major problem in preserving a viaduct is the cost of maintenance. Many of them do have value in being part of a cycle/foot path route and as such receive funds to ensure their future. Thorpe Thewles viaduct was in a dangerous condition and would have required many thousands of pounds to make it safe for public use. It had metal guard rails rather than brick which would have been unsuitable in protecting potential falls from the structure. Far better and cheaper to demolish and construct a footpath along the line of the structure.


  2. I passed through the viaduct 6 days a week travelling to work at Sedgefield General Hospital. it seemed a shame to blow up such a magnificent structure.


    • Does anybody remember if there was a scout campsite at Thorpe Thewles, which the viaduct passed over. I’m sure I used to go there with Billingham Synthonia Cubs, back in the fifties. Funnily enough I was thinking of this just the other week, trying to locate it on google earth!


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