‘Thornaby-on-Tees National Schools’ Bookplate c1911








Whilst browsing a second hand shop in Northallerton, I came across this book and inside noticed the book plate, ‘Thornaby-on-Tees National Schools’, dated September 1911.

Photographs and details courtesy of Tony Cooney.

2 thoughts on “‘Thornaby-on-Tees National Schools’ Bookplate c1911

  1. I wonder if is the Hope family who lived around the corner from the school i.e. York Street, there were two small girls, Betty and Jean living there (could have been no 47) in the late 1940’s.


    • Pauline, are you by any chance the granddaughter of Bob Tate, Club Secretary 1941-1950, the Conservative Club, The Bonlea, Thornaby (on Mandale Road – 100 yards from the Five Lamps). Why I ask, is because I am named after your Granddad. Bob Wilson, Leeds.


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