Walton and Campbell Courts, Portrack, 2014

As can be seen, Stockton Council have made a real effort to make Walton Court and the grassy area more appealing. I guess that gas has replaced coal for heating in the flats, but how is it done today. Gas fired or individual central heating?

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

2 thoughts on “Walton and Campbell Courts, Portrack, 2014

  1. Roy, this is the same, and the sketch of Walton Court 1972 was done by me. Here I have to thank Sid Buckley at Richard Hind, as Art Master, for teaching those who were not much good, how to draw.

    Where do you live now? I effectively left in 1966.


  2. Please may I assume this is the same Walton Court that was the subject of a black and white image sent recently? That being the case, I have to give Stockton Council 10/10 for the transformation. Many thanks Fred. I say this repeatedly, I really must return to Stockton for a visit. I left Teesside in 1963 and find Picture Stockton Archive hugely interesting and, at times, rather emotional.


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