6 thoughts on “John Walker Square c1992

  1. It’s a little ironic that we are looking across this lost open space towards The Mall and the PO which are to be demolished and become a new outdoor space.


  2. This looks like it is from Swallow Hotel and I can’t ever remember cars and trees where Iceland currently is! Can anyone advise please?


    • John Walker Square was a pedestrian area, so the mini bus must have been there for a specific reason. The square had several kiosks, trees, raised planted areas and benches. In some ways it’s a shame this outside space was lost, and today we don’t really need the extra shops that were built there.


    • Not forgetting the railway carriage that was there in 1975 for the 150th anniversary of the Stockton and Darlington Railway. There is a photo of it on this website.


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