5 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School Staff c1965

  1. A few more names from my 1965 Staff List. Can anyone with a better memory put faces to the names to complete the group? Miss M Baird-PE, Miss J Burns-Biology, Mrs J Hargreaves-Physics, Mrs K Pearce-English, Mrs S Pursey-Maths, Mrs J Newman-French.


  2. After Mr Nuttall is Mr Ellis (Chemistry). Is the last person on the right on the second to back row, Mr Casson?
    Next row forward= sixth from left is a French assistant.
    My front row I think is -, – , Mrs Estruch, Miss Styan, Mrs Coster, Miss Stevens, – , Miss Dubbin, Mrs Lomas.
    I have a few year lists of the teachers others I cannot out a face to are Miss Wheelwright, Miss Stainsby, Mr Hodgson and Mr Wood plus several more.


    • I’ve been talking to my cousin Pauline Shaw (nee Hough) who attended Grangefield in the 1960s.

      Her memories of the staff are as follows. Any errors are my transcriptions

      The back row (all Men)
      Jeffries, Nutall, Ellis, Wood, O’Brien, Brady, O’Neill, Price, Grace, Everett,and Hodgson
      2nd row
      Fleck – – French, Thomas, Mrs Thersby _ Mr Casson
      3rd row
      Brooks, Wheelwright, _ Miss Newman, _ _ _ Mr Buckle
      Front row
      Miss Stainsby, Mrs Wood, Estruch, Styan, Coster (Head) Stevens, Mrs Atkinson, Dubbin,Oxley

      Not complete but we are getting there. Come on you old Grangefieldonians


  3. The guy fifth from the left, back row, was a French teacher called O’Brien. He taught at Saint Mary’s RC grammar school in Linthorpe, where I went, up to the early sixties, then he moved to Grangefield Grammar Girls’ school. I ran into him once in the early 70s at a roadside cafe coming back from France to the UK.


  4. According to Irene Watson, the back row contains from left to right –
    –, Mr Nuttall (Geography). –, –, –, Mr Brady (R.E.), Mr ONeil (English)……
    On the front rowm 4th from the left is Miss Styan (History).


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