The Green Bushes, Stockton. October 2013

A former Stockton pub. The railings and gate are very ornate and the building itself, although not very wide, is quite long and I wonder if it was once a hotel or grand town house? Like a lot of the buildings in the High Street some of those on Yarm Lane also are very ornate, or once were, especially if you look up above the modern shop fronts.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

6 thoughts on “The Green Bushes, Stockton. October 2013

  1. Hi David,
    Re “Ye Olde Green Bushes Inn” at 54 Yarm St Stockton on Tees, yes, it was indeed a 2 storey pub.
    At the rear, there was space and stables for carriages & horses of any “ better paying guests” who were accommodated in the upstairs front rooms. Travelling salesmen were usually accommodated in several cheaper rear rooms and were the Inn’s staple guests.
    My Great, Great Aunt Mary (neé Perrin) met & married John Bartle ( aka “ Jack”), in 1888 in Sydney, Australia, Jack tried his luck on the goldfields of Western Australia in the 1890’s and returned to England where they ran the Green Bushes Inn. From postcards, it looks like they had it at least until the early 1920’s. They had no children. I don’t know when they died or anything about Jack’s people.
    My Great Grandmother, Eliza O’Donnell (neé Perrin), corresponded regularly with them & stayed with them several times when visiting from Australia. The First time was just before the outbreak of WWI in 1914.
    I don’t know if any of that is the sort of thing you might be interested to know. Cheers, Alison W


    • On my way home from Stockton Folk Club in the 60’s, I would call in at the Bushes to collect my grandma. She would be in the ‘snug’ with three other elderly ladies, all wearing black coats and black hats. It certainly wasn’t ‘snug’. I seem to remember it had bare floorboards, a table and four chairs. No windows, just a sliding hatch through to the bar so they could order their next round. It was a glorified cupboard, really.
      I seem to remember that there was a family called Womersley there at one point, but could be mistaken…


  2. Some time in the late 70s I went on 2 different ”Paddys” night bus trips from the Bushes. I’m pretty sure they were organised by Hughie O’Rourke a larger than life character who was a Bushes regular for many years. Just for the record both trips finished up in Whitby with much alcohol being consumed.


  3. The original green bushes was not as tall as the building is today. I have seen pictures of it in Stockton history books where it is only two levels high and much later on they built another storey to it.


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