Minnie Kettlewell of Thorpe Street, Stockton

This is a picture of my Grandmother Minnie Kettlewell, nee Longstaff (right) who lived in Thorpe Street, Stockton. My Grandmother worked in a munitions factory, most probably during World War One.

Photograph and details courtesy of Duncan Longstaff:

6 thoughts on “Minnie Kettlewell of Thorpe Street, Stockton

    • During my years at Bailey Street School I remember Stan Spacey who lived in Thorpe Street, sadly I think he died at a very young age. A good friend of mine from those days was Peter Minns who also lived in the street.


  1. Duncan,

    I knew a Keith Kettlewell at St Mary’s College who today would be around 74 years of age.
    Is this the same family?

    Best regards,
    Paul Kennedy


    • Paul, I think you may mean John Kettlewell in our year who was a very good footballer. I think John was from Redcar. I believe he died in his forties, but hopefully I’m wrong. I hope all is well with you. Last time you and I met was a terrific night out in Paris!


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