1 thought on “School Choir, Newham Grange c1957

  1. I remember when i first went to Newham Grange School in 1950 we were all assembled in the Hall and the music Teacher Mrs Atkinson wife of the other Newham Grange Teacher Mr Atkinson who had a very unusual nick name which I will not repeat, was going around the whole of the new school pupils individually listening to them sing. to form a new School Choir. As she went past each pupil she made notes.. She spent more time listening to the ones that were successful in being chosen for the new choir. When she came to me I was excited as she seemed to spend a lot of time listening to me sing so I thought your in Ben. Mrs Atkinson tapped me on the shoulder and said “STICK TO FOOTBALL BROWN” Which totally deflated me. I then realized I was not for the music brigade, and the reason Mrs Atkinson spent so long listening to me is that she could not believe anyone was so tone deaf as I was. Happy memories of .seventy odd years ago..


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