Richard Hind Football Team c1960/61

I’m the tall one in the centre of the back row, with the captain John O’Neil seated in front of me and seated on the extreme right, as we look at the picture, Barrie Smith, next to the member of staff who is Ian (chopper) Benzies. Robert McKenzie is standing two places to my right.

The remaining members of the team are so very familiar, but their names, as is so often the case, elude me.

Photograph and details courtesy of Paul Butler.

15 thoughts on “Richard Hind Football Team c1960/61

  1. I remember Alan Jones also playing for Stockton Cricket Club when they won the league and cup regularly over a few seasons before they changed their name to Stockton FC when joining the Wearside league, they had some very good players and in John Hope, who sadly died recently, a top coach.


    • One of those players was Kevan Smith who captained Darlington, also played for Coventry City & Rotherham United, was also Hull City’s Assistant Manager to Brian Little.


  2. I remember one of the Christmas boxing tournaments and Barrie Smith was matched against Big Stanna Stawvski!! Poor Barrie didn’t stand a chance. I fought twice in consequtive years… what was that all about?? Don’t recall any boxing lessons.


    • I seem to remember the Christmas boxing tournaments held at Richard Hind during my years there 1952/56. I think they were held in St Peters Hall, the hall was also used when poor weather conditions prevented outside sporting activities taking place.


    • Gosh yes Alan, you’ve reminded me of the time when in P.E. down at St Peter’s hall “we’re doing wrestling today lads..!” said “Tracky” our P.E. teacher, and we, again without any lessons, were made to grapple with each other, all of us desperate to avoid being paired off with Stanna!
      Happy days!


  3. The goalie looks like John Strachan. Saw Graham Pickup last week, he is looking well. Blond lad in back row, might his first name be Neil??


    • Is this the Alan Jones who played for Preston & was a fierce competitor on a football field. I played in the Head Wrightsons team with Graham Pickup a great lad.


      • Alas no, my brothers were the footballers, my sport was cycling and to this day still is. I used to ride out with the late Alan Tool who was a great racer


  4. To the right of John O’Neil looks like Alan Taylor and to his right it looks like Dave cook. I played football with John O’Neil with the Fairfield boys club team.


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