3 thoughts on “Entrance to Norton Cleansing Depot c1970

  1. Two entrances, one before the toilet block and one between the sub station and the toilets, there was also two paths down to the Billingham Road at the bottom of Tanners Bank either side of the Cottages one house where the chap who looked after the toilets lived and one was Mrs Samuelson and her Daughter who was born with a shortened arm. She went to school with us all at the Norton Board and playing games was in there with all us rough and tumble boys and girls.
    The tramlines from the road into the sheds were still there until the Village road was re-surfaced and other alterations done in the 60’s. The Tram Shed was used by the NFS during the war I think it also stored the Home made Armoured car the LDV Commander used, later the Home Guard (definitely not the Dad’s Army). Many were 1st WW soldiers too old for the second or in essential war work, they had seen war before and had no illusions.
    There were footpaths to everywhere in Norton and beyond we walked everywhere as there were few cars and those who had them could not get much fuel during the war, a Sunday stroll for us boys and girls would take us down Mill Lane over the Willow Garth on through Hawes Farn and down the lane to Redmarshall Carlton then back. A bottle of water a few jam sandwiches and the freedom to go where we wished safely.
    Those were the days my friends, they should write a song about it.


  2. To the right of the sub station building is a little known footpath that runs right to the bottom of Billingham Road where it met up with another footpath from the top of Beaconsfield Road


  3. Originally this was The Tram Sheds up until the Trams stopped running in 1931. Now Millbeck Care Home is built on this Site.


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