Teesside Airport Control Tower c1960s

This photograph of the control tower at Tees-Side airport was taken just a few years after it was taken under the control of the local councils. I thought it very apt as the wheel has turned full circle and it is once again under local council control.

The original spelling was with a hyphen, this was of course later changed to a single word. The building its self has a definite 1930s look about it, the curved corners and windows have an Art Deco feel about them.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

1 thought on “Teesside Airport Control Tower c1960s

  1. Design: Watch Office with Met Section 5845/39 with post-war Visual Control Room.
    “Designed for the Expansion Period Permanent Stations in the contemporary Art Deco fashion. Styled to look like the top hamper of a streamlined ocean going liner, are these the only Control Towers with portholes?! Ground floor extends forward to support balcony, upper floor has curved corners.” (controltowers.co.uk). You can see the building as it was in 1946, prior to the addition of the VCR, on britianfromabove.org.uk (Image Ref: EAW001000)
    The original 1941 control tower remains and is in use. The Art Deco curved corners are still there, but not the expanse of windows. I guess that was the original watch office.

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