3 thoughts on “Tioxide Model

  1. Fred Probably because Titanium metal was known about by William Gregor in 1791, we learned that in Metallurgy, lost and rediscovered more than once the biggest producers being the USSR and USA.
    The Factory next to ICI Billingham was in full production of Titanium products when I was a young apprentice in 1945 and I believe all the war years.
    It is lighter although as strong as steel and used in many secret fabrications during and after the war as well as paint additives.
    Most human and plant life have Titanium in them although it is not aggressive it is said some plants use it to make sugar’s.
    It was used in the smoke screen generators parked around Norton Green during the war, dad said if they ever light them we will all choke, luckily it never happened.


  2. Presumably this was the old Tioxide factory. But when were this picture taken and the model constructed?

    And how did it come that the Chemistry master, Mr Dee, at Richard Hind, back around 1955 was able to show us a lump of metallic titanium? Where could this have come from?


    • In the early 1970s, I worked in the British Titan East Side offices, in the drawing office. As a compliment to the draughting services, we also had a model building group, in the same building.
      During the early stages of design for the Greatham plant, a model was built.
      Although I have not previously seen the model in this post, I believe it could have been built in the East Side office model shop.
      Otherwise, the model could have been built by the original engineering company of the West Site facility.


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