13 thoughts on “Unknown – any ideas?

  1. I am positive that this picture was taken in Leeds, they have turned into South Parade, and the bank on the corner is the Bank of England rear entrance. My wife claims I am wrong, and it was taken in Albion Place, Leeds, which means the building on the corner became in time the YMCA Leeds office, and the shadowy building at the far rear behind it is the old archway entrance into the Yorkshire Post printing offices (the workers and tradesmen’s Albion Street entrance into the Printing works) We both agree it was taken in Leeds.


  2. The Gentleman on the left appears to be wearing British army issue Ammo boots and full length puttees which I believe were NOT worn by officers


  3. In the background there is a sign for J Munby/Mundy a butcher.
    I have been unable to find any records of a butcher named Munby/Mundy in Stockton.
    But there was a butcher in Hull named John Munby in 1911. So it is possible that this photo was not taken in Stockton-on-Tees.


    • A commercial directory for Hull shows John Munby’s butchers shop was at 25 George Street. This street lies near the centre of the city and has very broad pavements. The white stone building in the background of the photo, can be seen at 23 (?) George Street, (use Google Earth Street View). The front of the white stone building has 5 arches, as has the building in the old photo. As most of George Street has been redeveloped, there may have been a renumbering of premises since 1929.


        • Thank you for posting the link to that excellent aerial photo of George Street, Hull. Munby’s butchers shop was some way from the Savings Bank on the corner.
          There is a very large building on the aerial photo half way along George Street, if that was the Manchester Hotel, then the butchers was a few doors further down.


          • Hi Cliff, I think the pale stone building in the photo could be the “New Manchester Hotel” (PH) (later The Goose & Granite). Which would put the butchers between the hotel and bank at the time of this photo.


  4. Could it be the the old registration building that was at the bottom of Prince Regent Street, just before you turned into Wellington Street?


  5. I agree with Stephen Waller it does seem like Lloyds Bank front as I recall it. However I have no knowledge of the two men.
    However I notice a sign saying Butcher between the iron railings and the light coloured stone building which I do not recall but I was only born in 1928 so I am only “A young un at nearly 91”

    J.Norman Kidd.


  6. This is a pure guess and I’m quite happy to be proved wrong. The light coloured stone building looks very much like the front elevation of Lloyds bank on Stockton High Street?


  7. See “Shanghai’s Dancing World: Cabaret Culture and Urban Politics, 1919-1954” By Andrew Field, p190, quote, “The SMP knew her father, P. S. Nahaboff, as a “fraud and adventurer” who posed as an ex-Lieutenant Colonel who posed as an ex-Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian Army. In 1923 the Mixed Court sentenced him to three months imprisonment for his participation in a financial scam.”

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