4 thoughts on “The Queens Hotel, Stockton c1981

  1. My sister and brother in law who have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary had their wedding reception there 18th March 1972.


  2. Last thing I read many years ago that there was some concerns about whether this fire was accidental or not. Never heard anything about it since


  3. I was at work in the building adjacent (now the Registry Office) to the Queens on the morning of the day of the fire in Jan 1981 as per normal- despite the smoking ruins. Eventually we were told by the Fire Brigade to leave in case the remains of the Queens collapsed onto our Office. One of our staff members was due to have his wedding reception in the Queens a month or so after this date.


  4. I would like to know who now owns the land where the Queens Hotel once stood. I understand there was some dispute over ownership a few years ago.


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