Riverside Inn, Thistle Green

It’s been empty for years but the Riverside Inn could soon get a new lease of life with plans to convert the building into shops and flats. Bulldozers moved in on Tuesday 18 June 2019 to clear the way for the revamp.

9 thoughts on “Riverside Inn, Thistle Green

  1. Just out of interest to those who mentioned the pubs former life; it is shown on 1899 Stockton maps, surrounded by warehouses, granary, houses, graveyard and Hubbards quay. So it probably did see a few things back then.


  2. A well known lad Tony Callaghan in the Stockton dance halls in the late fifties lived in the Three Tuns, Tony went to St Bedes School & was a draughtsman in the Malleable.


  3. How sad to see this happen, I remember having my 18th birthday here in 1976 the 2 guys who ran it were lovely and the staff and customers made it an enjoyable experience anyone remember me? KAY MARSAY


  4. I remember the place when it was the Three Tuns bar and not far away was the seamen’s mission. It was a different world those days??? We had freedom, days before the mobile phone!


  5. It is saddening to see this go. I frequented The Riverside pub in the late 1970s and they put in popular tasty lunchtime sandwiches in the 1980s inside by the front door. I think it was previously The Three Tuns (Tons?) and perhaps was frequented by local sailors.


      • Robbie & Peter had it then. I believe they sold the Riverside and bought a place in Spain and lived there. They ran a very good pub and the meals were very good value. I think the town was a nicer place by far those days.


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