Furness Shipyard Joiners

I don’t have a date or names but it looks as if it may be a presentation of some sort, retirement perhaps. If anybody has any information about any of these people or a possible date I will be very interested.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “Furness Shipyard Joiners

  1. According to the book Haverton Hill, Port Clarence to Billingham this presentation was in 1972. The presentation was to Jimmy Peacock who is shown at the front holding the presented wallet.
    Some of the names include George Goldborough, Cliff Kennelly, Jimmy Peacock, Dummy Kelly, Tommy Palister, Harry Norman and Jim Clark.
    My father, Ivan (Jack) Pearce is at the back of the group just below the No Smoking sign.


  2. No idea of date or occasion but the little chap peeping over the shoulder of the man in the centre of the photo is Harry Johnson


  3. My dad is on this photo. Alfie Corner. His friend was on this photo too a Mr Kelly first name Lawrence. My dad was a French polisher.


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