Aunt Dolly Robson Collection

This is a small collection of memorabilia found amongst my late Aunt Dolly’s things when she passed away a few years ago. Of particular interest is the item regarding the Globe Theatre, a topical subject at the moment. The Parish Church cover is a record of the church from 1235-1950 compiled by The Reverend R T Heselton dated May 1979. My Aunt Dolly Robson spent many years in service and I include a few letters of reference from some of her former employers. I thank my brother Harry who is the holder of these and many other items from what he calls the Robson collection.

Images and details courtesy of John and Harry Robson.

4 thoughts on “Aunt Dolly Robson Collection

  1. Was born in the Robson maternity home, grandmother lived in Norton, love my history of this place, still have relatives in Billingham, but would love to see more.


    • Derek, I think that the vicar has started at 1235 as that was the year that Stockton had its first church. A chapel-of-ease was built and dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket. I think that in those days the town fell within the parish of Norton, and it was not until 1713 that Stockton became a parish.


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