2 thoughts on “Vicars Bridge, Thorpe Thewles

  1. Rev Thomas Burton Holgate former Vicar of Bishopton left funds to Rev William Cassidi to assist with the building of the bridge. William Cassidi was still alive when the bridge was built and the Parish Church was Holy Trinity (St James’ was built much later on the site of Holy Trinity).

    Thomas Burton Holgate whilst Vicar of Bishopton majorly repaired (likely updated) St Peter’s using his and his sisters own money.

    Holgate (Rev Thomas Burton Holgate and sisters) brass plaque in St Peter’s Bishopton includes the following “In 1869 he gave 400£ towards building the Vicars Bridge at Thorp” this plaque only contains letters and numbers. Maps include references to Vicar’s and Vicars’ so if the former it would be, more correctly, Holgate’s Bridge whereas latter references both (Holgate and Cassidi).


  2. I used to play the organ there in the early 70s! There were three ladies in the choir, including the verger, the redoubtable Miss Usher.


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