Residents of Lomond Avenue, Billingham c1953

These photographs show some of the residents of Lomond Avenue, Billingham around the time the Queens Coronation. I recognise a lot of the faces but the names I know for certain are:

In the football team, standing extreme right is Arthur Davies and 4th from the right is my Dad, John (Jack) Dunn. Kneeling 3rd from right is Eric Rhodes.

In this photograph my mum is standing 2nd from the left.

Photograph and details courtesy of Malcolm Dunn.

10 thoughts on “Residents of Lomond Avenue, Billingham c1953

  1. Third from right in back row of the footballers is Tom Wanless… known to most people as Swannie… my dad
    We lived at number 48


  2. My family lived in Lomond Ave me and my brother were born there in 1950. I remember you across the road and the Rhodes family and the first time I had seen a car in the street.


  3. I’ve got a few more names… In the team picture, my dad, George Mills, is standing 2nd from right. We lived at no.4. The giant in the back row is ‘Big Jim’ Davison, no.63, and kneeling in the white jumper, next to ‘Dusty’ Rhodes, is Bill Clough, from no.18. In the second photo, George and my Mam Agnes are sitting in the front row, next to Bill Clough. Jim Davison in the back row, with wife Iris in front of him, next to your mum, Malcolm. May be Lily Clough next to Iris, and Jock Simpson next to Mrs Dunn.


    • Hi John, I included the man (slightly obscured) to the right of your dad in my 3. I have a couple more photos of your family you might be interested in. Contact me through Picture Stockton if you would like them.


  4. I knew a couple of class mates, in Billingham North, who lived in Lomond. Chris Rhodes, and Linda Metcalf, during the 1950’s. Perhaps their parents are amongst those in the photograph.


    • I remember the Caswells and mitchells played footall for the syners Bob Murrey shipyard forman Weedals Peacheys Hopes It was great moving into new houses after living in Cleveland Avenue


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