22 thoughts on “Stockton High Street

  1. I would say it was the late 1960s early 1970s. One clue is that there is a new building showing at the end of Dovecote Street, to the left of the Town Hall. That was where Timpson shoes was located. I left Stockton in September 1963 and that building was not there then nor when I visited the town in 1966.


  2. Definately AFTER the new Castlegate shopping center was built, United buses still running and the lighter green Corporation bus in the background, and the blue Bedford truck in the market, I’ll hazard a guess between 70 and 73


  3. Looks like it says Durham on the front of the United bus? just a thought isn’t it funny that people up here always call it Durham City but southerners just Durham. I don’t know why as you can’t confuse it with all of Co Durham or the Rodger Whitaker song Durham Town!


  4. The stockton and middlesbrough corporation buses changed to that mixture of green and blue when Teesside became into being in 1968 so it’s sometime after 1968


  5. I would guess at 1973. People are sitting on the original steps outside of Castlegate Centre which opened in 1973. On the west side of the High Street is Peter’s Menswear shop which closed in 1973.

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    • Michael, you are correct. On Picture Stockton somewhere are photo’s of a big hole in the ground and a view from the Riverside to the buildings across the High Street, that was definitely 1970, your date of 1973 would be on the mark.


  6. #107 & #108 combined to be this more modern & larger Currys (#108) in 1966.
    Photo isn’t too clear so…
    If #110 is Radio Rentals (1963-72).
    If #112 is Callers-Peagasus (1971-2006).
    …so maybe 1971/72.
    (dates taken from SHiP/EH “Changing Faces of Stockton” document)


  7. Based on the vehicles in the shot my guess is the early 1960s. However, I left Stockton in 1963 and I don’t think the redevelopment had started yet so if this is after that then it must be late 1960s or even later perhaps. A clue may be in the colour of the Stockton Corporation bus. When did they change from a nice green to a different green? Perhaps a true Stocktonian can help.


  8. I went to Zambia in 1971 when I returned to the UK in 1974 the development had been completed. That’s the nearest I can get, also the Zepher or Zodiac in the picture were around then.


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