9 thoughts on “Aerial View of Stockton High Street, Queens Visit c1956

  1. I remember being taken from Queen Street School, Thornaby, down to the race course, to rehearse where we going to stand when she visited. On the day of the visit, however, Mam took my sister and me over to my Aunties in Roseworth. We stood on Ragpath Lane and watched the Queen drive by after she had visited Kiora Hall. The only other time I saw her was 21 years later – her Silver Jubilee Tour, as she drove past us on Mandale Road.


  2. I was at Newtown Primary School. We all went to Stockton Station to wave at the Queen. She must have come by Royal Train, or maybe that was the only space big enough for the troops that she inspected. Presumably the DLI. The main thing that I remember was they had tarmac’ed the gutters full so the pavement and the car park in front of the station was completely level for its full width.

    Our school stood with our backs to Bishopton Lane, facing the Queen’s Hotel.


  3. I was at Tilery Road Boy school in 1956. We were taken along Tilery Road to the Junction with Norton Road and stood there whilst the procession drove past on its way into Stockton. We did catch a glimpse of the Queen when her car went past. That was the closest I’ve been to the Queen.


  4. I was in class 1 at Tilery Road Infants and we all had to make union flags to wave. We stood at the corner of Tilery and Norton roads opposite Hill’s, next to a barber’s calles Albert Grubb.
    Prince Phillip was on our side of the car, so we hardly saw the Queen.


  5. The Queen came up Darlington lane and turned left on to what is now the ring road towards Norton. All the kids from St Johns and Ragworth schools were stood at the corner to watch. Lord knows what the Queen thought of her young raggedy arsed subjects. I think we all turned out ok though.


  6. In 1956 I was in Class 3A at Newham Grange Secondary School. I think we were taken out of school to line the route in Bishopton Avenue near Sparks Bakery. We were told it was a great honour to see the Queen and should be excited. I was 14 and didn’t share these sentiments. However, this is a great shot of Stockton’s famous High Street. I can see the Midland Bank where my Dad was the caretaker and the lovely period building on the right, Victoria Buildings I think it was called, which should never have been demolished. Collingwoods on the left where I bought a ring for £61 when I was only earning £9 a week. I am still amazed at the height of Robinsons tower. Was it a water tower? I have lived in London for 56 years and I am now retired but Elizabeth is still in service.


  7. I remember that , I was 6, we stood up by the black huts. Was that ragpath lane? The queen was lovely we all had little Union Jack flags .


  8. If my memory serves…I recall a party of us from St.Patrick’s School / Westbury Street, were taken to somewhere like Cobden Street to look across The Pleasure Gardens towards the Race Course, Only saw ”Little Dots’s” which we were told was the Queen ..!….Never seen her since !


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