4 thoughts on “St Peters Church, Thornaby c1950

  1. I used to walk pass this church often as a child, it always appeared in the 1940s as deserted and unkempt. I visited the area known as the Horseshoe Bend, situated nearby on the River Tees, I was totally unaware then that the village green in Thornaby was once the town center, and had always assumed it was always the Mandale Road including the Five Lamps and George Street area. This Anglican church is of 12th-century origin. The mother of Captain James Cook; nee Grace Pace was baptized at this church. A crusader Robert de Thormodbi (a Thornaby Lad) who was wounded in the Crusades at the Battle of Acre, swore to raise a shrine to the Virgin Mary if he survived his wounds. You would have thought he would have had more important things on his mind- but that’s Thornaby for you. He did by so erecting Five Lamps in St. Peter’s Church in 1702. An interesting feature of this church is a plaque dedicated to the RAF 608 Squadron, formed at Thornaby on 17 March 1930 which went on to serve within both Coastal and Bomber Commands during the Second World War. (Thornaby, North Riding). Losing the North Riding Designation still rankles with many. Bob Wilson.


  2. What a wonderful building this is. I was in thornaby recently and had time to do a basic exterior survey.
    While preparing to leave I noticed the lumps and bumps of a possible burial ground. You would expect some evidence of the past on a site of this age. Have there been any digs?


      • Hi Stephen.

        I have just seen your message. I am back in Nova now after an enjoyable search for Haverton Hill and Port Clarence. Cowpen Bewley had a lot more to offer than I expected.
        I wish you well with your endeavours.


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