Two Stockton Mashes

I wonder if any Picture Stockton visitors know anything of this little ditty. Being brought up in the Garbutt Street area I was asked a good number of years ago if I had heard of it, I had not. It was then I contacted the local Remember When, they in turn asked readers to contact me if they could supply any information regarding the Two Stockton Mashers. After a week or so I received a phone call from a Thornaby gent who told me he knew of the song and without hesitation proceeded to sing it to me over the phone. He was good enough to write it out and post it on to me, so here it is…

Image and details courtesy of John Robson.

6 thoughts on “Two Stockton Mashes

  1. I know of only one Hindmarsh in Stockton who lived to be 97. That was Thomas Stokoe Hindmarsh who died in 1960 aged 97. He is buried in Oxbridge Lane Cemetery. He lived at various address on the south side of town, but I have not been able to link him to the Garbutt Street area.


  2. This is fascinating, my father Albert Hindmarsh was born in Ann Street, having 3 older brothers Jack, Bob & Raymond, their aunty Amy Hindmarsh was married to Ingram Moody. I had not heard this song before but was aware that the brothers were somewhat “notorious” as jack the lads the connection must be there.

    If Geoff would like to contact me I’d be happy for Picture Stockton to share my details to perhaps explore our possible family connection, especially as my grandmother on my mothers side was also a Moody though with a Thornaby link.


  3. My Father used to sing this song when I was a lad. He came from Garbutt Street area, I was told it was about his Mothers Family who were called Hindmarsh and the words were Marshes not Mashes.


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