Aerial view over Billingham

t13668An aerial view of Billingham and the surrounding area. What can you see? Date unknown.





Image and information courtesy of Bruce Coleman…

The nearest I can get to dating this image is after 2006 because the La Ronde nightclub is missing, if the small section of white building to the very right centre of the image is part of the old ICI office block then it is before 2012, if it is not the ICI office then it is after 2012.

1: St. Cuthberts Church

2: The Smiths Arms

3: Wolviston Village

4: Dawson House

5: The Green

6: Town Centre

7: North School (Pentland Primary)

8: John Whitehead Park

9: The Picture House

10: Forum

11: “Billingham Stores” (Stockton Co-op)

12: Kennedy Gardens

13: Billingham Town Football Ground

14: Old Police Station ( Now a residential home)

15: South Modern School

16: “Tin Lizzie” footbridge

17: St. Johns School and Church

18: Billingham Baths

19: Synthonia Cricket Ground

20: Roseberry bridge

21: Synthonia Sports Stadium


2 thoughts on “Aerial view over Billingham

  1. Looking just slightly below right of centre, Belasis Ave shops are visible and there is clearly building work going on behind them. I think that is now Walsingham Court and according to Right Move new build houses were available from 1995 – 1996. So this image is around 1994 – 1995.


  2. Tennis courts near the cricket ground on the corner of Belasis Ave./Chiltons Ave.
    Just off the green, starting to build Ashbourne Lodge and clear the site for Eden House/Langdale Road. Synthonia sports ground. Chimney at the “District Heating” facility on Marsh House Ave.
    Oh and I can see the sea 🙂


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