1 thought on “Stone Bridge and Mills, Thornaby c1880s

  1. I have a large copper penny token from 1813 which was used as money then in the Stockton area.One side shows Britannia and the other shows this old Stockton bridge with tiny figures going across.I could not work out why it had five arches until I realised it was not Victoria bridge but the earlier stone bridge which was there before it.These penny tokens were produced by local business people all over the country,each with their own design for that area.The reason for this is the government needed all the metal they could get for cannons etc in the war with napoleon so between 1798 and 1813 the coins were to be used as small change.
    P.S. the people who produced the Stockton token were ‘Christopher and Jennet’ the local booksellers who were the big business men around at the time. The shipbuilders and the steelworks had not arrived here yet.


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