Haverton Hill School c1930s

Haverton Hill School was in Windsor Street, it served both boys and girls but they were segregated, for many years, Les Jobson was headmaster at the boys school and Miss Yule or Yuill (spelling uncertain) was the girls headmistress. Les Jobson later became the first director of the Forum theatre. The school, along with a large part of Haverton Hill disappeared in the 1960s/70s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

14 thoughts on “Haverton Hill School c1930s

  1. I went to this school for 4-5 years and moved to Billingham when they started to pull our house down in Collingwood Road Haverton hill. I remember our class sizes were very large by today standards 48 per class. We had open fires in each class and our teacher sat at a high desk infront of the fire.


  2. Les Jobson (my Dad) was never headmaster of Haverton Hill School but was a teacher there. Neither was he a music teacher at Bede Hall – he didnt teach there at all – he was actually Headmaster of Bewley Junior School in Billingham – but it is correct that my brother attended Bede Hall and did become a member of Roxy Music and other big bands,

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    • Ann,
      Do I remember you / do you remember me from The Ship in Wiolviston,? Probably ’78 ’79ish?
      You were gorgeous, I was out-of-my-depth, that kinda thing?
      You were lovely – I hope you’ve had /are having a great life.
      PS if you don’t remember me, ferGod’sake don’t say so.
      (*Squints…gesticulaties extravangtly at, er, ‘someome’ in the distance…affects preoccupied expression… strides off purposefully and seemingly unconcerned about any response from AJ… … surreptitiously looks back over shoulder for possible response…)


      • I knocked around the Ship around that time with Chris Turner, Mark Upton and Sid (David McCall) remember Chis dropping a glass stink bomb on the floor of the packed lounge, it cleared the pub in seconds☺️


  3. My mom, Peggy Brown, went to Haverton Hill school in the early 1930s before the family moved to Billingham. When I was young mom told me about Hannah Yuile .. mom was terrified of the woman! Miss Yuile’s preferred form of discipline/punishment e.g. for two girls talking in class, was to put her pencil between her teeth while saying “Ye ought to think black burnin’ shame of yourselves” and then bang their heads together.
    Something I’ve never forgotten mom telling me.


  4. Mr Beresford was headmaster in the late forties then Mr Hunt in the early fifties. There was a lane running to the left of the school in the photo which lead to Harry Meeks scrapyard. Across the road from the school in this photo was a fish shop but I can’t remember the name


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