Mounted Police on the High Street, Stockton

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” could have been coined for this image, I don’t think it needs any explanation. One thing I do like is the horse looking straight into the camera while all around are oblivious of it.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

13 thoughts on “Mounted Police on the High Street, Stockton

  1. It’s the Market that has caught my eye – I remember it so well a sight to behold, in two rows stretching from one end of the town to the other. Always so busy bustling with people Wednesday and Saturday’s.



  2. Remember the copper at the top of Church Road in the wooden box directing tragic.
    I was a young driver and if you did not follow his directions to the letter he would tick you off regardless of the tragic waiting.


  3. I remember the Police horses stabled up in the back of the old Police Station in Church Road. When finishing School at Bailey Street we walked past the rear of the old Police Station, if the horses were being fed or watered the policeman would let us help. Usually using the rake to clean the stable out. When getting home mum would hit the roof as we stunk to high heavens…


  4. Wow – look at those polished hooves. (Could it be me mam or auntie B. just about to pass behind the ‘orse and possibly Grandma Mitchell in the distance between the two policemen? Anyway, I did love that market – which I think was then on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the early sixties, for school, I had to change buses at Stockton, so crossing through the market was a regular experience until 1965. Have not been through the High Street for decades, although did visit the deserted railway station a few years back. Notice also the sparse traffic of those years…


  5. What a great photo. My uncle Tony Doran was a mountie in the 70’s. He used to park his horse outside my Nana’s house in Lune Road and come in for a cuppa. Such beautiful horses.

    I’d love to share this photo on his page and credit the photographer. Is this possible?


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