Robinsons Coliseum, Stockton

An undated picture of the Robinsons building when it was probably at its architectural peak. It looks like it was in the middle of being decorated to celebrate an event.
It shows all the detailed features that were later simplified/removed (mostly on or at the roof level), before the canopy was added and the entrance modified to its current configuration (corridors between display windows).

Image and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

4 thoughts on “Robinsons Coliseum, Stockton

  1. Stockton High Street was filled with amazing buildings back in the day. It’s an awful shame that such beautiful buildings are often demolished in the name of progress…


  2. I see Mother was correct in calling it the Coliseum, we all knew she meant Robinsons I just did not know why.
    There it is in all its glory with the word Coliseum boldly presented, sorry I ever doubted you Mother.


  3. Jonathan, a big thank you for this one. It seems erroneous that we in this country remove laudable examples of attractive architecture whilst in other countries they preserve them. If you want to see what I mean visit the Old Town in Warsaw. My memory of Robinsons goes back to the late 1940s and I think this photo may be from that period or even earlier. Could the decorations be Christmas or even VE Day?


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