9 thoughts on “Is This Anderson Street, Thornaby?

  1. I am also looking for photos of Anderson Street, having lived in number 25 which would have been where this photo was taken from, directly opposite to Teesdale Street. We moved in 1960 to Heslop Street. I emigrated to Australia in 1971.


  2. Oh wow yes thank you. My Nan lived at the other end of this long curved street (as Xenophon says it continues behind the photographer) next to The Drs surgery facing Mansfield Avenue. Anderson Street ran parallel (sort of) with Mandale Road quite a distance up from the The Five Lamps. Brilliant photo thank you. Anyone else got a photograph of Anderson Street please? My Nan left Anderson street early 70s and moved into Heslop Street for a few years and then finally into Teesdale Terrace where she passed away at the age of 85 in 1985. Nanny Rose Goodwin, a lovely lady, one of God’s blessed, well she was my Nan! Haha!


  3. It looks to me like the corner where Teesdale Street (on the right in the picture) meets Anderson Street which continues behind the photographer to Mansfield Avenue


  4. Derek, good photograph. Not many curved terraces on Teesside. If this is Anderson Street then the road off on the right would be Teesdale Street?


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