Chelmsford Avenue, Stockton c1952

I came across this old photo taken in 1952 when I lived in Chelmsford Avenue and before my family moved to Scotland. That’s me on one knee in the front row, I was about 3 years of age at the time. Does anybody recognise the other members of the gang?

Photograph and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

9 thoughts on “Chelmsford Avenue, Stockton c1952

    • I lived at 22 Chelmsford Avenue until August 1952 and remember yiour grandmother and father well. I seerm to think that your grandmother, who was extremely pretty, may have worked in Marks and Spencers. Your father, I think, may have gone to Holy Trinity School and worn a dark red blazer. The photo above of ‘The Chelmsford Avenue Gang’ shows perhaps, Deliah Rumack(?) Peter/Roger Crosby (?) and my brother, Chris.


      • Yes that’s correct she did work in m@s,
        and my grandad worked at the Mallable , and then as a bookmaker.
        My father also was a bookmaker but sadly he died 5 years ago.
        They sold that house in 1968 and built one in Yarm.


        • Many thanks. Sorry to hear that your father has died. I have to admit that, aged 10, I was quite smitten with him – the fascination was not returned in any way and we moved to Scotland in 1952. So, alas, it was unrequited love as far as I was concerned.
          Thank you for replying.
          Janet Shields


      • Hi Janet , just wondering if we are part of the same family, your husbands side , . I was born in 1952 but lived in Oxbridge in Stockton area. My parents were Jean and Ray Shields


        • Hi Brian
          Sorry no connection. My father was John Shields (born 1913). had a brother Logan (born i1924) and two sisters – living in Askrigg Road pre-war. I went to Oxbridge School until we came to Scotland in 1952. Apart from my two brothers living in Ayrshire and two cousins in North Yorks we are the end of our family line. If you can be bothered to look up the Oxbridge School class photo that my brother sent into the Archives you will see me on the front row.
          Thank you for getting in touch and sorry I cannot help you in this matter.
          Keep Safe
          Janet Shields


  1. Hi Chris , just wondering if we are part of the same family. I was born in 1952 but lived in Oxbridge in Stockton area. My parents were Jean and Ray Shields.


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